Marc Basque

Known for his goofy personality and daring sense of style, Marc is a constant wanderer of the road less travelled. With absolutely no formal training in marketing, he parlayed a job as a barista into a creative position at one of the fastest growing agencies on the East Coast. While there are days that he feels like a phony, he reminds himself of all the amazing gifts he has to offer his clients, his colleagues, and those around him.

Marc considers himself a mental health warrior, having struggled with anxiety and depression since he was knee high to a duck -- which he partly credits for his sensitivity and compassion. A formidable writer and orator from an early age, Marc’s scholarly pursuit of Film Theory & Criticism have proved exceptionally useful in his role as Lead Copywriter & Video Director at BrainWorks Razor, where he uses his deep reservoirs of creativity to bring clients’ stories to life.

A coffee connoisseur (snob), you can usually find Marc methodically brewing up the perfect cup of hot bean juice daily. (In fact, he somehow convinced his boss to open up a mini-cafe in their office called “Grind Time”.) Marc is also known for his perpetual honesty, and is pretty sure the phrase “Tell us how you really feel” was coined to deal with the likes of him.