Stephanie Johnston

From an early age, Stephanie had been shown that she could do, be , and experience anything that she set her mind to. Her childhood was beautiful and inspiration filled. Attending workshops, seminars, and positive / spiritual thinking was just part of her upbringing.

Her first "business" was a candy shop selling candy and chocolate bars to the neighbourhood friends. Her parents would take her to Price Club to stock up on bulk items and then let her witness what effort and determination may bring.

Fast forward into her adult life, she had developed a "stuck" energy that kept her playing small , doubting herself and staying safe in jobs that did nothing but dim her light. New Years Eve 2017 was when something shifted. She finally connected the dots, gained the clarity and stepped into her role as a licensed Desire Map Facilitator and FSS Facilitator through Danielle Laporte International. Soon after, she launched her company 'The Goddess Gatherings.' offering premium retreats and workshops.

Stephanie loves life, and believes that our own interests / strengths are our biggest commodity. She feels a strong pull to help others get out of their old way of thinking , shed their limiting beliefs and the patterns that keep them playing small.