i'm so glad you're here

what is work of heart?  

Great question ... Let me try to explain.

It's a daily dose of positivity; it's a feeling of belonging and being understood;

and sometimes, it's the kick in the ass you need to take action.

Come along for the ride ... it just might change your life.

WORK OF HEART - the business

With over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, sports coach, business coach and business development specialist, Angela Harris is wired for problems solving and sees things differently than almost anyone. She wants to help YOU succeed and she makes things happen … are YOU ready to take action? Let’s get started … Send Angela a message today angela@workofheart.me


This was how Work of Heart began ... the idea was to create a one-day event to help people help themselves. What it has become, is hard to explain ... A community; a safe space; and of course, daily positive content to keep you inspired and motivated ... you can check it out here