Tracey MacDonald

Tracey MacDonald is a petite gal with a plus size laugh who warms any room with her radiant smile - she is a former dental hygienist, after all!

Tracey's background as a Certified Professional Life Coach and licensed practitioner of Energy Leadership and Neurolinguistics Programming marries her loves of helping people understand and tame their inner critic (the little voice or narrator in your head that thrives on F.E.A.R- False Evidence Appearing Real) with a comprehensive understanding of the power of the mind to create success in life.

She's gluten free, usually sipping tea, and you often find her engaged in one of her favourite pastimes, food shopping! Yes, what is a chore for so many is a delightful hobby for this New Brunswick native. Tracey is an avid reader, enjoys crystal and spiritual shops, as well as holistic heath and healing education.

Tracey works with individuals (in person, phone, Skype, etc.,) as well as offers workshops for special interest groups and businesses. Find her on Facebook @TraceyMacCoaching or on her website Tracey Mac Coaching.