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Sophie is the owner and founder of Aspen's Heart, an Equine experience for the Soul, and is certified in Equine Facilitated Learning.

Sophie’s professional career first began as a hairstylist where she enjoyed tapping into her creative side. In 2007, she became an entrepreneur with the opening of her salon, Studio Sophie, further deepening her ability to listen in a one-on-one setting while providing a safe space for clients to be heard and understood. For as long as she can remember, Sophie’s desire has been to help others. Having experienced loss and suffering in her own life, her deepest wish is for others to know they are not alone in their life journey.

In 2018, Aspen’s Heart was created with its mission to empower others, offering support to individuals on their inner-journey, honouring truths and experiences with care and compassion, guided always by horses.

If you’d like to connect with Sophie, you can find her on Facebook here and on your website here.