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Faced with his own challenges as a child and then as a Correctional Officer, Chris Goguen knows what it's like to live through difficult circumstances and events. Known for being disciplined and for his driven personality, he was led to compete in Bodybuilding, Martial Arts and Triathlons. After reaching a new low in 2016, Chris was diagnosed with PTSD, forcing him to leave Corrections and to begin a new journey. He set out with the intention of finding himself again, so that he could then help others around him facing difficult situations.

Over the last few years, Chris has devoted countless hours buried in books and in classrooms studying different modalities … Nutrition, Mindfulness, Trauma Recovery, Life Coaching and much more. Despite his focused personality to reach specific goals, Chris came to the realization that inner peace is not a goal, it is something that is felt at the core. In early 2018, when his wife gave birth to their beautiful baby girl, Chris finally started to find his own inner peace, to disidentify from his mind and to live in the moment.

Chris is now on a mission to empower others around him who are suffering from PTSD, depression and anxiety. He wants to help others to push past boundaries, to gain a new sense of self and to finally accept the past and to take charge of the only time that matters..... “the present”.

If you’d like to connect with Chris, you can find him on Facebook here.