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Wife, Mother, Creatrix, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, Wellness Advocate, Deeply passionate about intentional living and living an extraordinary life,

Josette is a wife and a mother of two teenagers (her greatest masterpieces). After working for 13 years in 4 prisons across the Maritimes, she left her corporate role to became the Founder of The Yoga Tree. She has now been a yoga and mindfulness teacher for over 10 years, owned a flower shop and is currently working in the non-profit sector.

Josette has over 20 years of combined experience of mentoring and facilitating individuals in schools, workplace, corporate setting, non-profit, weekly classes, retreats and institution settings. She is rooted in her daily question of “How may I serve?”. With her intuition and heart as her compass, she has been guided through her life in the most magical ways.

She loves to delve deeply into her creativity, either with words, paint or flowers. She is innovative and able to connect with others to inspire and draw out possibility.

If you’d like to connect with Josette, you can find her on Facebook here and Instagram here.