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Chanelle grew up in the small town of Cap-Pelé, then moved and went to LJR high school in Shediac. Thinking back, even in high school she was always keeping herself extremely busy with student council, president of three committees, and the creator and animator of improvisation workshops in regional elementary schools.

She played improv through high school and post-secondary, and was chosen to go to the CUI (Coupe Universitaire d’Improvisation) in Montreal in 2015. She continues to play in recreational improv leagues every year.

Chanelle danced competitively from the age of 6 to 20, and preformed in Matt LeBlanc’s Fusion Productions in 2016. She continues to love dance and will take occasional dance workshops.

After completing two years of the Education program at l’Université de Moncton, she realized that she was not going to be happy becoming a teacher. So she switched things up and threw herself into “Marketing” at NBCC. And there she fell in love.

At the end of my two year program at NBCC, I was required to experience an internship. I found the perfect company. Unfortunately they were in the midst of a transition and they told her a job with them was not possible … and she has been doing the impossible for almost two years now as Coordinator-General (a title that was officially created from their internal nickname for her - Tiny General).

If you’d like to connect with Chanelle, you can find her on Facebook here and Instagram here.