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 WORK OF HEART 2017 speakers


Natalie Davison is known as a "rainbow-puking unicorn", which she takes as a compliment because her ability to puke rainbows is one of her greatest assets.




Chris Farias is a dreamer of dreams and a builder of brands. A Creative Director, designer, illustrator, columnist, and award-winning entrepreneur who has an unapologetic addiction to diet coke.


nadine larche

Nadine Larche is known as a pillar in her community. Of her many accomplishments, Nadine is particularly proud to be involved in organizing the annual Three Fathers Memorial Run, in memory of the three RCMP members killed in the line of duty in Moncton on June 4, 2014, one of whom was her beloved husband, Doug Larche.


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Do you ever feel like you're living a life that hasn't been created exactly for you? 

Are you looking for happiness and contentment but feel tired, stressed and overwhelmed?

Do you want to feel a deeper connection to the world around you?

Not sure where to start?

Join us on Saturday, March 25th for an incredible day long retreat packed full of inspiration and motivation to get you back on track to the best YOU possible.  This is your chance to recharge and RESET.  Right here in Moncton! Our amazing line up of speakers will share their stories and their strategies to help you restore your mind, body and soul. 

We will have lots of new tactics and tools for you to try out in this hands on, inspiring retreat ... ALL FOCUSED ON YOU!  Make sure to dress comfortably (whether that means full on glitter and bling or yoga gear for you!) and be prepared for some big AHA moments and likely a few "pass me the tissues" and "why didn't I think of that?" moments.

So excited to share our journey with you ... Get your tickets today!


John gonzales

An award-winning leader, entrepreneur, physiotherapist, photographer and coach, John's many roles provide him the opportunity to uplift others - which happens to be one of his greatest strengths. John Gonzales is an expert at making dreams become reality and turning passions into professions.


Marcel Petitpas is a speaker, coach, entrepreneur and creator of Master Mindset . 

His mission is to help others overcome the fears and insecurities that hold them back from living a fulfilling life, especially his fellow millennials.


Angela Harris is the founder of Work of Heart, a socially inspired business created to help people help themselves.

A rugby coach turned self confidence promoter, Angela is notorious for her "lack of filter" and endless funny stories. Angela has had one and a half burnouts and has dealt with anxiety and depression for as long as she can remember.



Entrepreneur, 200hr RYT, plant based foodie, globe trotter, speaker, coach, activity enthusiast

Cearagh is equal parts sassy, ambitious, extravagant and simple -- but always authentic. She has made it her mission to pursue everything she does with passion and purpose.