Angela Harris

Angela Harris is the founder of Work of Heart, a socially inspired business created to help people help themselves. After experiencing a health scare the year she turned 40, Angela realized just what a mess things were in her “picture perfect” life.  She was far from living the life that she dreamed of.  It was exactly the wake up call that she needed though to put into action a series of significant life changes.

Angela started her career as an Athletic Trainer in the Canadian Football League, because of her passion for sports and for helping people, and partly because so many people told her she couldn’t.  A rugby coach turned self-confidence promoter, Angela is notorious for her "lack of filter" and for always having a story. Her mission in life is simply to make a difference ... every day. Angela has an obsession with to do lists and is a recovering perfectionist who always has more ideas than time.  As a fierce advocate for mental health, Angela has had 1 and a half burnouts and has dealt with anxiety and depression for as long as she can remember. She takes pride in being able to use humour and shares her stories in hopes of helping others feel more "normal".