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Angela Harris

Founder of Work Of Heart

Yo. I'm Ange Harris. The face behind Work of Heart. I also go by Angela, Angie and since university, I go by the nickname Scrange. Yes. Scrange. I'm the mom to two very "active" little boys who cause a lot of trouble but also provide a lot of funny stories. I'm married to my best friend Steve; we "waited" 6 months after meeting to get engaged and a year to get married. I guess you could say it worked out though as we've now been together 13 years.

I love coffee (a little too much) ... likely because I've been sleep deprived for about 10 years. I also love good food and I can't pass a bakery when I'm traveling anywhere. I'm super competitive but most of all with myself. I played and coached rugby for so many years I've lost count. I love to help people. I'm a doer and a thinker. My brain never stops. I love to be creative but don't always give myself the time to do it. I've had my share of ups and downs but it's helped me realize that part of my purpose is to help others through. Through a rough time, a bad day or to connect them with solutions or positive thinking to help themselves. And to be the best that they can possibly be. I've learned a lot in life and most importantly that "done is better than perfect" and "just start" 

Now ... Go. Be. Awesome.